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  • FK Aviation has supported both the Kuwait and US Defense (MOD & DOD)   Departments,   the   United   Nations,    the   International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), Triple Canopy, DynCorp, KBR, Fluor, Supreme and many other clients operating in the region.

  • Aviation Cargo Operations are part of FK Group's core culture, which beliefs in integrating services ranging from Passenger to Freight flights from Eastern Europe to GCC countries and the greater Middle East region.

  • All FK Aviation-operated cargo flights comply with international standards and according to regulatory standards of FAA, EASA, & ICAO.

  • FK primary cargo flight operations are based in the Gulf, Africa and Eastern Europe, with current flights from Eastern Europe to Kuwait through 2018.


  • FK Medical is one of the top medical clinics in Djibouti and its commitment to providing its services with the highest quality standards in medical services,  air ambulance- Medevac and emergency handling- Ambulance is well known by its clients. FK Medical services are not limited to international contractors, embassies and Djiboutian citizens.

  • Our General Physicians are highly trained and our Specialists and International Visiting Doctors from the American Hospital of Paris, British - French Medical Institute of Paris and Acibadem Group of Hospital, Turkey,  will provide a range of top international health cares to patients.




  • 80 tons Low Bed Trailers for Kuwait MOD

  • 70 tons hydraulic gooseneck low bed trailer for Kuwait MOD

  • 80 tons Low bed semi-trailer for Royal Saudi Arabia Land Forces

  • Military Application Fuel & Water Tanks of various capacities

  • Military Personnel Carrier

  • Total Military Refueling Solutions

  • ON-LAND TRANSPORTATION SERVICES: By having a well-prepared fleet of trucks (Reefer, Flatbed, Side Box, lowboy) for every type of shipment & the experience in operating similar to this concept accurately courage us always to take the challenge in applying for a bigger value contract.

  • Completed several 100's Million Dollar U.S.A ARMY Heavy Lift  projects 


  • We own and operate our own secured port facility in Kuwait

  • The 22,000 square meter, duty-free port comes equipped with everything from ample warehouse space to cargo ship maintenance tools, and from repair capabilities to cold storage warehouses.

  • Loading and offloading cranes are also available to move even your largest payloads. The port can dock and maintain up to three cargo ships at once.

  • Our “just-in-time” delivery system ensures products get to forward operating bases and personnel reach their destinations without any hiccups.

Cargo Shipping Containers


  • FK Logistic is the leading service provider of Airport meet and greets services within the region for US / UK / EU Nationals and TCN’s. With our flexible approach, we ensure our customers get to where they need to be safely and efficiently. Our in-house travel teams provide creative travel solutions.

  • Our full range of services includes: 

  • Visa Services for incoming at Kuwait & UAE Airports

  • Commercial Airline Tickets for further outbound travel from Kuwait to Afghanistan/Iraq

  • Hotel Reservations at various locations in Kuwait & UAE 

  • Lost Baggage Tracking and forward to the destination 

  • Pickup from hotel and transport to the airport

  • Worldwide Visa and Hotel acquisition 

  • Ballistic Armor and Helmet storage area

  • Freight forwarding of Cargo to Worldwide Destination

  • Storage facility and distribution for vehicles for vacationing and end of contract employees


  • The ONLY privately managed and operated CUSTOM BONDED WAREHOUSE in Kuwait.

  • In today's dynamic shipping environment, Sail Shipping & Logistic Services Co. is one of the fastest growing shipping and freight forwarding companies in Kuwait.

  • Our facility is a 5000 sqm’s, state of the art "closed CFS" and a 5000 sqm’s. "open storage area" inside the Kuwait Free Zone with a trans shipment facility by Sea-Land, Air-Land into Iraq & other strategic countries.

  • Sail Shipping has been innovatively helping importers, exporters and forwarders alike, to move all types of commodities from and to worldwide destinations. Large or small, your shipments receive customized and personal attention to every detail.

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