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FK Logistic USA was formed in the year 2011, and then later restructured in 2020. Since its establishment, FK Logistic has worked with the Department of Defense, Triple Canopy, DynCorp, the United Nations, KBR, Fluor and the International Committee of the Red Cross, among many others. Relying on its extensive network of vehicles, storage facilities and knowledge of the region, FK Logistic moves everything from food to medical supplies from contractor employees, to military personnel.
OUR MISSION - Offering quality service with high standards, while making sure all our clients' needs are fulfilled promptly. 

OUR VISION - To establish a stable economic entity that is capable to compete with strong elements. To further be an acknowledged region leader and preferred partner, and help our clients succeed all over the world by developing a  global network without any geographical boundaries.

OUR VALUES - A balanced blend of commitment to professional ethics, honesty, and punctuality.



Keyboard and Mouse

Frank McDowell - CEO

Extensive aviation and logistics experience.  Performed aviation and logistic operations in Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and other areas within the Middle East.  Additionally, I have worked in China, Russia, former Soviet Republics and Europe. Retired from US Army after 26 years of service. 

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Mustajab Zaidi-CFO

A competent Financial Executive, with over 25 years of Aviation experience in collaborating directly with the executive and senior management including Board of Directors to identifying, leading, recommending, solutions for all operational activities of the corporate business.

Raymond Maza

A highly competent Management individual, with over 25 years of experience in IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN and KUWAIT worked at US Military Base. Ensure compliance with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, including safety and security protocols, and maintain accurate records to support audits and regulatory requirements.

Toney Haskett

25 years experience in managing big projects and Achieved from ‘Very Good’ 84.7% to ‘Excellent 94%’rating for the (Award Fee Evaluation Board) since commencement of LOGCAP IV Project.



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